When was the las time you computed a weight and balance before flying?
One of my first jobs as a commercial pilot had me flying a near max gross weight airplane around the countryside on a daily basis.  The person I had taken over for never expressed any concern about the loads, and I never thought to be concerned.
I flew the same airplane for 4 months before I ever decided to do a weight and balance.  I was shocked.
Not only was I probably exceeding max gross weight some days, I was also precariously near the aft CG limit.  I wasn’t carrying anything giant, it was just the full tank of gas I always had to have with me for 5 hour flights and the cargo I needed to perform the mission.
I immediately hopped on the computer and downloaded an excel weight and balance spreadsheet which I started to use religiously.  Through another few weeks of trial and error I found out what my limits were and vowed never to exceed them again.
So I challenge you to start doing a weight and balance before each flight.  You’re probably going to tell me that it’s usually only you, or you and a friend, and you’ve never been overweight or out of CG.
Still do it.  Find out where the limits of your plane really are.  It may take an extra few minutes, but it could be a real eye opener.