I’ve gotten a few questions lately about how to properly draw a holding entry when looking at a hold.  The process is the same for all holds regardless of position, direction, or if it has standard turns or not.
The first step is to draw out the hold at the fix.  Once you have drawn the hold, you then draw a long line along the holding course which extends beyond the dimensions of the hold.
Once you have your holding course extension drawn, count 70 degrees from the extension line to the outside of the hold and draw a line that bisects the hold.  This will created two  halves of the hold.  One half is the parallel/teardrop half, and the other half is the direct half.
This is a little difficult to explain in just words, so please watch the video to see how it’s done.  I go over not just theoretical entries but we also look at a charted hold and draw our entry.
Keep in mind the best tool to determining holding entry is situational awareness.  Where are you in relation to the hold?
Please post any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you!