This lesson is thanks to Keith through our lesson suggestion tool on Keith has a student who found this “OBJECTIONABLE” symbol on the VFR sectional and wanted to know what it meant.
Objectionable airports are airports that interfere with another airport’s airspace. FAA Order 7400.2K lays out the criteria for an airport to be certified by the FAA, to include its layout and airspace.
When an airport has a conflict of airspace, all the responsible parties usually get together and work our the issue. In the case that one side doesn’t want to fix the problem, or no solution can be found, the airport is then given an objectionable status.
Objectionable airports appear only on the VFR sectional and no other chart. They are an open circle with the word “OBJECTIONABLE” written next to it. No other markings are used and all objectionable airports are listed the same.
There is no other information listed for any objectionable airport since these airports are deemed to conflict with safe operations and are not approved by the FAA.
Where you see the word “OBJECTIONABLE” there is most likely going to be an airport, or at least something that looks like it may have been an airport. Use caution, since the usage and status of these airports is unknown.
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