This week, a great video of Canadian pilot and flight instructor Raphaël Langumier taking his daughter on her first aerobatics ride, has been going viral.  According to an interview with AOPA, Langumier hoped that the video would help to alleviate any fear in prospective aerobatics students.

Beyond that goal, I believe Langumier does something much more:

I’ve recently taken to consciously appreciating the unique opportunity I have to fly as a profession.  The diversity of flying at 39,000 feet in a modern jet one day, and tree-top level in a helicopter the next, is truly amazing.  As amazing as it is, sometimes it gets stressful, tiring, and becomes a job rather than a passion.

During these times I need to bring myself into the moment.  Sometimes I need to consciously feel the aircraft pitch and bank.  Sometimes it just takes the young boy or girl in the airport terminal, excitedly pointing and calling out at the airplanes taxiing by window.

Raphaël takes all of us and transports us momentarily into the shoes of a 4-year old having the time of her life.  To her there is nothing else going on, nothing but the excitement of the moment.

I believe she shows us all what the joy of flight is all about.
Sometimes that’s what we need to remember.  When the day is long and stressful, we still have the opportunity go fly, the most amazing opportunity in the world.


Original AOPA Article – “Pure Joy” (Includes full interview with Raphaël Langumier)